Helaman 8

Corrupt judges?   Say it isn’t so…. but it is.  Let’s see what those hooligans are up to in Helaman 8.  Don’t forget to think about where they are.

Where is Nephi? Up on the tower in his garden.  In a state of sadness because of the wickedness of the Nephites.

Where are the Nephites?  In Zarahemla.  In an awful state of wickedness and unbelief.

Where are the judges? In Zarahemla.  In a more wicked state than the Nephites.

Nephi spoke out against the judges of the land because of their corruptness.  He told of how they have perverted the laws of God and the laws of the land to suit their own needs.  But they still believed, at least some in the power of God because they were too afraid to touch Nephi to bring him down off of his tower.  Nephi continued to preach and to tell them of the prophets that have come before him and of the power of the Lord and miracles that he has performed that the Nephites know to be true.  Nephi again calls the people unto repentance and tells them that even as they stand there and listen to him speak that the chief judge has been murdered and lies in his own blood.  On top of the news of the murder, he tells them who it is that killed him.

Can you imagine being right there at the feet of a prophet that is telling you that he has the knowledge of events without being present?  Can you imagine the feelings coursing through Nephi as he reveals to the people that this crime has been committed?  What powerful feelings and what a place to stand!

I leave this with you in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.


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