Helaman 9

“Behold and it came to pass that when Nephi had spoken these words, certain men who were among them ran the to judgement-seat; yea, even there were five who went.”  So off these five men run to check and see if the judge has really been murdered.  As they are running along, they talk with one another and decide that if the judge is really dead that they will know that Nephi is a prophet of God and that they would believe all that Nephi says.  When they get there to the judgement-seat, they find the chief judge lying in his blood dead, just as Nephi had prophesied.  The men were so astonished, that they fell to the ground in fear. Soon, many other people gathered to find these five men on the ground around the dead judge.  The five were cast into prison.

The next morning was the fasting and the burial of the judge.  The judges that were at Nephi’s garden the day before, asked where the five men were.  IT is then that it was discovered that they had been put in prison.  The judges had the five brought out and they told their story. The judges heard the story and then decided that Nephi must be in some kind of conspiracy with the killer.  They do, however, free the five.

Nephi is then taken and bound and brought before the judges that heard him prophesy the day before.  He then prophesies to them more and in greater detail.  They go off and discover that what it is that Nephi has to say is true.  When it is discovered first hand for the judges that Nephi was indeed a prophet, some said he was a prophet and others claimed him to be a god.

And this is how Helaman 9 comes to a close.  Next week will be the last seven chapters of Helaman with us still reading of the life of Nephi.

I leave this with you in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.


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