Helaman 13

I’m working with a headache here, but need to work, so please forgive me in advance for any errors or train of thought issues in this post.

Focusing on cause and effect that we can find in the scriptures.  We will begin Helaman 13 with Samuel, a Lamanite prophet and will continue with his prophesies through Helaman 15.

What is amazing, right off the bat about Samuel?  He is obedient.  We learn that the Nephites are still being wicked and Samuel went to Zarahemla to preach and call the Nephites there unto repentance.  The Nephites tossed him out of the city not wanting to hear him.  As he left the city and was going home, a voice came unto him instructing him to return to Zarahemla and say the words that came into his heart.  The guards at the city gate wouldn’t let him in when he got there, so instead of being frustrated, he still obeyed Heavenly Father.  He climbed up on the city wall and began to say what was in his heart.

Samuel had much to say, but the short version of his story is this: the Nephites are a proud and stiff-necked people and if they do not lay their treasures up with God and the do not repent of their sins and change their ways, in 400 years time, the Nephite people shall be destroyed.

This whole chapter is essentially a cause… we learn what the Nephites are doing, the effect comes down the road, in 400 years.

Closing out the chapter, Samuel prays that the people will heart his words and that they will repent and be saved from the anger of God.

I leave this with you in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.


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