3 Nephi

3 Nephi 6

Flag phrases.

#1 Verse one: “And now it came to pass”…. The Nephites got to return to their own lands and begin to plow and harvest and raise their herds again. With the majority of the robbers being killed or left in prison, they were able to head back to what was theirs several years prior.

#2 Verse two: “And it came to pass”…. They were wise while they were gathered together and didn’t use all of their provisions and therefore were able to set their homes back up.

#3 Verse 7: “And it came to pass”….. There were many new cities built and old cities repaired.

#4 Verse 10: “But it came to pass”…. Some pride was built up among the Nephites and people were persecuting others.

#5 Verse 14: “And thus”….. There was a great inequality in the land among the Nephites.

#6 Verse 16: “And thus”…. Satan did lead away the hearts of the people to do whatever it is that he wanted them to do.

#7 Verse 17: “And thus”…. When Jesus Christ was 30 years old many many Nephites were in a state of darkness. Followed in versed 18 that we are told that since these people know the will of God that their sins are not in ignorance, but I open rebellion.

No flag phrase that I am seeing here, but we learn that some of the chief judges were putting Christians to death because of their convictions and were doing so against the law of the land and without the governor’s approval (Lachoneus being the governor).

#8 Verse 24 “No behold”….. No man should be put to death without the power of the governor.

#9 Verse 26 “Now it came to pass” that these wicked judges were brought forth to be judged, but their families and friends were in wickedness with them and all of these evil people entered into a covenant to be defiant to the laws already established in the land.

And I leave this post with you in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.


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