3 Nephi

3 Nephi 7

I’m still on that airplane….. We’re still looking for flag phrases and my toddler is on my nerves. We’ll see how this post goes.

#1 Verse 1: “Now behold” the judgement seat was destroyed and the people fought amongst themselves

#2 Verse 4: “Now behold” the tribes became very large and even though. The tribes were large and the people divided, there were no wars yet, most people had turned away from righteousness and one particular group had a man at their head named Jacob whom they appointed King.

#3 Verse 11 “And it came to pass” …. This particular tribe wasn’t large but none of these newly formed tribes were friendly one with another, except it be that they all didn’t like the righteous Nephites that still lived. With all of these enemies, JAcob had his tribe leave northward and did so in a quick manner.

#4 Verse 14 “And it came to pass” that when Christ was 31 years old the tribes had divided down further into families but agreed to not war against one another and would not trespass against one another either. The sad part of this is that the tribes did not heed to the Word of God and they stoned prophets that came among them.

#5 Verse 15 “And it came to pass” Nephi had been visited by an agent and had power to know of the ministry of Christ went forth preaching to the tribes and testified boldly; calling people unto repentance.

#6 Verse 18 “And it came to pass” …. The tribes were angry with Nephi because of his great power given to him from God. Part of what made them angry was that they could not disbelieve the words that Nephi shared because he was ministered to by angels and his faith was so strong.   Nephi continues here to work miracles among the tribes and raise his brother from the dead and all of his works were done in the name of Jesus Christ.

#7 Verse 21 “And it came to pass” it was the 31st year of Christ’s life and many had heard the message from Nephi, but few had been converted. Those that were healed by his hand were indeed converted. Those that were converted did repent and were baptized and then ordained unto the ministry of Christ.

#8 Verse 25: “Therefore” the men were ordained and many repented and were baptized.

And this chapter closes with those eight flag phrases and since I’m still on the plane, we’ll mosey on over to 3 Nephi 8 and see what flag phrases we can find there.

In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.


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