3 Nephi

3 Nephi 8

#1 Verse 1: “And now it came to pass” no one could perform miracles unless they were cleansed from their iniquity.

#2 Verse 2: “And now it came to pass” if the people had kept time correctly, it was the 33rd year of Jesus Christ’s life. Everyone began looking for the signs that had been told of by Samuel the Lamanite prophet.Darkness for the space of three days. The people began to argue one with another whether the prophesy would be fulfilled.

#3 Verse 5 “And it came to pass” there was a great storm, a terrible temp test, and thunder that the whole earth shook. There was sharp lightening that had never been seen in such a way over the=is land. Zarahemla caught fire, Moroni (the city) sank into the ocean, Moronihah was shattered by a mountain being risen and there was horrible horrible destruction all over the land.

#4 Verse 12 “But behold” this verse specifies where more destruction was at

#5 Verse 18 “And behold” “the rocks were rent train; they were broken up upon the face of the whole earth, insomuch that they were found in broken fragments, and in seams and in cracks, upon all the face of the land.”

#6 Verse 19 “And it came to pass” “that when the thundering a and the lightning strike, and the storm, and the tempest, and the qua kings of the earth did cease – for behold, the did last for about the space of three hours; and it was said by some that the time was greater; nevertheless, all these great and terrible things were done in about the space of three hours- and then behold, there was darkness upon the face of the land.”

#7 Verse 20 :”And it came to pass”

#8 Verse 23: “And it came to pass”

These are must read verses, all the way to the end. Don’t get lost in the timeline.

I leave this with you in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.


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