3 Nephi

3 Nephi 13

We shall continue with visualization, and it’s pretty difficult for me to describe to you, so please take the time to close you eyes and see where you might be if you were with those that are in the chapter. Take time to imagine the sights and sounds and feelings of the ones that are present.

Additional note: remember that Christ is Bountiful and he is speaking to the twelve that he has ordained to the priesthood.

Things Jesus taught in this chapter:
1. Give to the poor, but do so that you are not looking for earthly rewards.
2. Pray in private and don’t make a huge fuss about your prayers.
3. When praying, be sincere, succinct, and not repetitious.
4. The Lord’s Prayer
5. Forgive others
6. Fast privately
7. Lay up your treasures in heaven.
8. You are either light or dark, but can not be both at the same time.
9. Seek first the kingdom of God.

What a great chapter! So clear and concise. It’s pretty hard to muddle this one up or try to make it more clear. I suppose there are some words that if one were first new to reading scripture that could be looked up in the dictionary, but other than that, this chapter is awesome!


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