3 Nephi

3 Nephi 18

Lists.  Lists.  Glorious lists.  Okay, who’s with me?  Who else out there just loves to make little lists and put sticky notes everywhere with lists on them?  I know I’m not alone, and thank goodness for that!

3 Nephi 18 has a couple different directions that I could take to make lists out of.  I’m going to go with commandments from Christ though…. and here it is:

  • bring forth bread and wine
  • sit down upon the earth
  • disciples eat the bread
  • pass the bread to the people
  • bread be broken when the people gather
  • always observe the method which was given to break the bread
  • break and pass the bread remembering His body
  • disciples drink the wine
  • pass the wine to the multitude
  • always drink the wine in remembrance of His blood that one may witness unto the Father that they do always remember Him
  • pray always
  • pray in His church
  • watch and pray always
  • pray in your families
  • meet together often
  • do not forbid others to come as well
  • pray for those that come to the church
  • hold up our lights, He is the light
  • none of them (us) should go away, come unto Him
  • invite others to come unto Him
  • do not allow those that are not worthy to partake of bread and wine
  • do not cast those that are unworthy out, but minister unto them and pray for them


That’s a lot… but wow!  Again, I can’t imagine being in His presence and even though the lists of commandments that He gave is long, we could certainly combine and reduce the list so that it looked a bit more manageable.  Do you ever listen and watch General Conference?  Look at how many conference topics Jesus Christ provided to us in just this one chapter!  He is my Savior and my salvation.  I am so very thankful that He shines so brightly that I am in some ways able to follow him each day.

I leave this with you in His holy name, Jesus Christ, Amen.


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