3 Nephi

3 Nephi 19

We are to make another list!  Isn’t that exciting?  I do believe it is, and if blogging today with list making is as exciting as it gets today, that’s just fine by me.

List #1:  What the Nephites did after Christ left them

  • left family by family to their own homes
  • spoke to everyone they saw about Jesus Christ’s visit
  • labored all night to ensure they would get to see Christ tomorrow

List #2: The 12

  • Nephi
  • Timothy
  • Jonas
  • Mathoni
  • Mathonihah
  • Kumen
  • Kumenonhi
  • Jeremiah
  • Shemnon
  • Jonas
  • Zedekiah
  • Isaiah

List #3: Actions of the 12

  • stood among the people
  • split into 12 groups
  • taught the multitude
  • prayed with the multitude – unto the Father in the name of Jesus Christ
  • ministered unto the people
  • knelt in prayer again
  • baptized
  • received the Holy Ghost because of their sincere prayer

List #4: Actions of the Savior

  • descended from Heaven
  • stood with the 12
  • ministered to the 12
  • spake to the multitude
  • commanded the multitude (including the 12) to kneel in prayer
  • went to a private place and knelt in prayer
  • thanked Heavenly Father for giving the Holy Ghost to the 12
  • prayed that the Holy Ghost be given to all those that believe on Him by word of the 12
  • prayed that those that believe the words of the 12 will believe in Him
  • returned to the 12
  • blessed the 12 as they prayed
  • told them to continue their prayers
  • returned to seclusion
  • knelt in prayer again
  • thanked Heavenly Father for the purification of the 12
  • prayed for the 12 and those that will believe their words
  • prayed for those that given to Christ by the Father
  • returned to the disciples
  • smiled upon the 12
  • returned to seclusion
  • prayed to Heavenly Father
  • returned to the disciples
  • told the disciples that their faith was great and that there were no others that have seen or heard such great things

The only thing that I want to make sure to mention that isn’t included in one of these fabulous lists is verse 33 which in part reads “and their hearts were opened and they did understand in their hearts the words which he prayed.”

I’ll conclude with a bit of my testimony.  I know that if we pray unto the Father in the name of Jesus Christ, our Savior, that our hearts will be opened and we will be able to understand both the Father and the Son.  He is great, kind, loving, merciful, and compassionate.  Our prayers will be answered at His will.  I love this gospel and the atoning sacrifice that was for my behalf. And I leave this with you in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.


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