3 Nephi

3 Nephi 20

Who doesn’t love a great chiasmus?  Okay, before I started in the BYU-I Pathway program, I had never even heard that word….as a matter of fact, the dictionary here in WordPress doesn’t even recognize chiasmus as a real word.  This is a word of rhetoric which comes from a Greek letter meaning “crossing.”  So what will happen is a fancy pattern like you see in the picture above.  7 “things” happen and then the 8th, and then the 7 “things” repeat themselves in reverse order.   This is a list of a fashion, so we’ll stick with it for this post and see where 3 Nephi 20 takes us and what we can learn from Christ.

  • v.10- Jesus fulfills the Father’s commandment about the house of Israel
  • v.11- The prophecies of Isaiah will be fulfilled
  • v. 12-14- The Father’s covenant with the house of Israel is fulfilled
  • v.15- If the Gentiles do not repent missionaries will be sent
  • v.16-20-The house of Israel beats down the Gentiles
  •  v 21-22-The house of Israel is established to fulfill the Lord’s covenant w/Jacob
  • v. 23- Moses testifies that Christ shall come
  • v.23-Those who do not hear the words of Christ shall be cut off
  • v.24-Samuel testifies of Christ
  • v.25-27-The Gentiles receive the Holy Ghost to fulfill the Lord’s covenant w/Abraham
  • v. 27-28-The Gentiles scatter the house of Israel
  • v.28-The Gentiles harden their hearts after receiving the gospel
  • v.29-31- The Father’s covenant with his people is fulfilled
  • v.32-45-The prophecies of Isaiah will be fulfilled
  • v.46- Jesus reminds of the Father’s commandment to him re: his people

I know that this is a hard concept to grasp, but I really needed to review it for myself.   I can’t seem to get the pretty > type figured out, but please see the pattern here that Christ is teaching in.  I believe there is a reason that these patterns are found throughout the scriptures, I don’t know what that is, and nor do  need to know. I do know that this is His plan and if the Father’s will be done, then that is all that matters in the big picture.

I leave this with you in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.


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