3 Nephi

3 Nephi 21

Okay, that chiasmus still has my brain swimming a little here.  Let’s see if we can find a more simple list or maybe a couple of lists here in 3 Nephi 21.

List #1: What Christ will do to give a sign that He is going to establish Zion

  • a free people will be established in the land
  • among the free people will be a remnant of the Nephites
  • the Nephites will dwindle in unbelief
  • Gentiles will repent, be baptized and be numbered in Christ’s fold
  • kings shall shut their mouths, they shall see and hear
  • a prophet will continue to declare the gospel
  • the above mentioned prophet will be marred by the people
  • those that do not believe shall be cut off from heaven
  • people shall be destroyed with cities and flocks and herds that don’t believe, the land shall be cleansed from unrighteousness
  • church shall be established among those remaining after cleanse
  • New Jerusalem will be established
  • the flock will be gathered
  • the gospel shall be preached to the remnant of the Nephites
  • missionaries will go throughout the world and preach His gospel

Ummm, that’s quite the list.  I know it isn’t as long as some of those other lists that I have written this week, but this one is pretty powerful.  I think I am going to certainly be pondering this for the rest of the day.  Where are we on this list today?  It kind of looks like we are at the bottom, possibly insinuating that the time is near when Christ will rule and reign here on earth.  Are you where you need to be?  Have you sincerely repented?  Are you prepared to face Him in judgement?

Things to ponder. I leave this with you in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.


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