FDREL 122 L09 Putting It All Together

This is an assignment that I normally put off until the end of the week, but I am so excited about writing this, that I am just going to get it done.  I love this gospel.  I love that Heavenly Father answers prayers and I love the sweet soft method that the Holy Ghost uses to teach us.

Yesterday was Monday, and therefore, we had Family Home Evening (FHE).  It happened to be my turn to lead the lesson and I was excited to be able to share what I had learned earlier in the day.  Unfortunately, I was in a bit of confusion about what I had read as I had never heard or understood this particular event before.  I sent my Sunday School teacher (who is also my previous bishop)  a message searching for clarification, but didn’t receive and answer before FHE, so I taught another lesson instead.   Well after FHE was over, I received that reply that I had been waiting for and had my thoughts confirmed; Jesus Christ came back to minister to the Nephites (at least the 12) after the three days of ministering.  Why did I not know this before?  I was, and still am, in awe.  I knew for certain that Christ came to the Nephites as a resurrected being and taught and ministered unto the people, He healed them, He taught them to pray, He administered the sacrament.  But never, not once, had I heard or understood that He came back again to the earth to continue His work.  The possibilities in my mind are endless at this point.

To share where my thoughts came from, I read 3 Nephi 26.  Verse 13 reads: “Therefore, I would that ye should behold that the Lord truly did teach the people, for the space of three days; and after that he did show himself unto them oft, and did break bread oft, and bless it, and give it unto them.”  What a great thought to ponder, that He would descend again to administer and partake of the sacrament with His people.  Could you fathom the thought of Him descending in three short weeks on Easter Sunday and sit in the front row to partake of the sacrament, or to excuse one of the Priests so that it was He blessing the sacrament?  Tears fill my eyes.

While I did go on to teach a FHE lesson regarding this week’s topics, I really do believe that the fact that Jesus Christ descended again oft is the highlight of my learning this week.  However, here is my FHE lesson:

Hymn 180 lead by the Sister Missionaries

Opening Prayer:  Second eldest daughter

Scripture: 3 Nephi 27:5-6

Lesson: Watched Mormon Message Refiner’s Fire, discussed what the process is of the fire and also what fuller’s soap is and what the intention is behind the fuller.  I then made sure that each member of my family understood that at the Second Coming, that Jesus will be both the refiner and the fuller.  I then moved the discussion over to 3 Nephi 27: 5-6 and read a quote from Elder Robert D Hales: “When we are baptized, we take upon ourselves the sacred name of Jesus Christ.  Taking upon us His name is one of the most significant experiences we have in life.  Yet sometime we pass through that experience without having a full understanding.” “How many of our children – how many of us- really understand that when we were baptized, we took upon us not only the name of Christ but also the law of obedience?  Each week in sacrament meeting we promise to remember the atoning sacrifice of our Savior as we renew our baptismal covenant.  We promise to do as the Savior did- to be obedient to the Father and always keep His commandments.  The blessing we receive in return is to always have His Spirit to be with us.” (General Conference, October 2000)

Following this, I asked each member of our family what we could do to be more obedient and to work harder in our lives to take upon us the name of our Savior.  I asked the Sister Missionaries to share a couple of their experiences with us on how it is to really walk around every where you go with Jesus Christ’s name on your chest.  How would each of us walk and behave if every where we were, His name was there on your chest.  Would we behave differently?

We then closed with a prayer by my oldest daughter and enjoyed treats that our toddler helped prepare.

I love this gospel (I know I already said it, but I really do.)  I love answered prayers and I love learning line upon line.  He knows when we are ready to take on more, He know when we are prepared and this week, I know that I clearly was, because He taught me.

I leave this with you in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.


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