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3 Nephi 30

Two posts in one day, say it isn’t so… It is so.  Because I said so, and I’m the mom, that’s why.  (Sorry, I couldn’t help myself there.)  This last chapter of 3 Nephi is for everyone, please read…. as I will directly quote it and that is all I will have to say.  Follow His Counsel Brothers and Sisters of the world.  Walk that pathway that will lead you to His kingdom for the eternities.

3 Nephi 30

“Hearken, O ye Gentiles, and hear the words of Jesus Christ, the Son of the loving God, which he hath commanded me that I should speak concerning you, for behold he commandeth me that I should write, saying: Turn , all ye Gentiles, from your wicked ways; and repent of your evil doings, of your lyings and deceivings, and of your whoredoms, and of your secret abominations, and your idolatries, and of your murders, and your priestcrafts, and your envyings, and your strifes, and from all your wickedness and abominations, and come unto me, and be baptized in my name, that ye may receive a remission of your sins, and be filled with the Holy Ghost, that ye may be numbered with my people who are of the house of Israel.”

I do pray that each of you is able to hearken to this counsel from our Savior.  Turn to Him and be at peace knowing that you will be with Him forever. In his sacred name, Jesus Christ, Amen.


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