Mormon 2

Can you imagine being 15 years old and asked to lead an army of thirty or forty thousand?  I’m more than twice that age and can’t even fathom it.  Mormon was a young man of God.

Remember to look for doctrine and principle as you study…. look back at the previous post Mormon 1 for the “how to.”

The really big unchanging truth and eternal law that is contained within Mormon 2 can be found in verses 10-15.  The Nephite people begin to lose everything they have and they mourn.  When this happens, Mormon rejoices and his heart is full and he believes that the people will repent and turn to God.  However, their sorrow turned out to be the “sorrowing of the damned.” These people were just wallowing in self pity and not repenting.  They turned from God and He is allowing them to have agency and no longer stepping in to save them from themselves.  Now, that is an unchanging truth, when one doesn’t turn to God, He doesn’t force his way into your life.

Following this, the Nephites were driven in war from place to place by the Lamanites until Mormon aroused them to stand and fight and protect what is theirs.  The decide that they will stand and fight and they were able to overcome the Lamanites with their own strength, they have lost their ability to have God fight alongside them.

In closing, the battle settled some and the Nephites and the Lamanites stopped fighting and separated themselves with a narrow passage.

I leave this truth with you in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.


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