Mormon 6

How very sad is the opening line of Mormon 6.  “And now I finish my record concerning the destruction of my people, the Nephites.” Mormon was still leading the Nephites as the fled before the Lamanites and he wrote an epistle to the Lamanite king, asking permission to gather the Nephites at the hill Cumorah to come to battle.  The Lamanite king was gracious enough to say yes…. do you ever think that war was a little different back then?

Mormon finishes writing upon the plates of Nephi and buries them in the hill Cumorah and keeps a few plates that he hands off to his son Moroni.  Mormon knew that he was getting old and he believed that this battle at the hill Cumorah would be the last battle that the Nephites fight.  Out of over 130,000 Nephites, only 24 survived; two of whom were Mormon and his son Moroni.

And Mormon sorrows in the loss of the Nephite people.  He sorrows that they did not repent in the time of their trial and that they are now going to face immortality and judgement without having repented and accepting Jesus Christ and his infinite love.

I do not envy the feelings and overwhelming emotion that Mormon had.  I do not wish in any way to trade him places.  I am grateful for his service and dedication to the Nephites and for his leadership and faithfulness.

I leave this with you in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.


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