Mormon 8

Good morning readers.  I didn’t feel well yesterday and therefore am behind a tad again.  Two posts coming your way today… Mormon 8 followed by Mormon 9.  I do hope that as you are studying that you are using a study skill that we have used in the past in order to learn more deeply from the scriptures.  I will be using doctrine and principle to close out these two chapters.

As chapter 8 opens, we read that Moroni, the son of Mormon is finishing this record and in verse three that Mormon was killed by the Lamanites.  As Moroni writes on the plates, he does not know if the Lamanites will return to kill him as well.  While this isn’t the use of doctrine or principle…. could you imagine living with this fear?  Your family has been destroyed, you have witnessed a great battle in which over 100,000 people have been killed, and now here you are bu yourself, fulfilling a commandment given to you by your mortal father to write down the events that have occurred. Moroni clearly tells us that he is alone as a Nephite.

As Moroni continues to write, he testifies of Heavenly Father and the three disciples that taught his family.  He then tells us that he will be hiding up the plates and the one that shall receive them in the future shall not have them to get gain and that the worth of these plats is great and he that has them will be blessed bu the Lord.

Eternal truth: “And blessed be he that shall bring this thing to light; for it shall be brought out of darkness unto light, according to the word of God; yea, it shall be brought out of the earth, and it shall shine forth out of darkness, and come unto the  knowledge of the people; and it shall be done by the power of God. (Verse 16)”

Eternal truth: “For behold, the same that judgeth rashly shall be judged rashly again; for according to his works shall his wages be; therefore, he that smiteth shall be smitten again, of the lord. (verse 19)”

Eternal truth taught in verse 21: if you speak out against the Lord and His works, you are in danger to be cast into the fire of hell.

Eternal truth: God will keep his covenants.

Eternal truth: The sword of vengeance hangs over the unrighteous.

Moroni has some strong words to share starting at about verse 26 and continuing through the end of the chapter at verse 41.  He doesn’t really share anything that we haven’t read in other parts of scriptures, but his warnings are strong and should be read.  Take his questions one at a time and pick them apart.  Do they apply to you?  What can you do to change your direction and repent of your wrongs in order to be judged righteous at the last day?

I pray that you take the time to think Moroni’s words over and I leave this with you in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.


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