Ether 6

Ether 6 begins with Moroni proceeding to give a record of the Jaredite adventures.

Back to mount Shelem where the brother of Jared received the lit stones from Christ.  He came down and put one stone in each end of the eight vessels.  The Jaredites prepared everything that they needed to and climbed inside and turned themselves over to the Lord.  Do you have the faith of the Jaredites, or Lehi, or Noah?  Can you see yourself turning everything you have, even your mortal life over to Him to follow His command?

Can you imagine the fear that would well up inside of you as you were “buried in the depths of the sea” or “tossed upon the waves of the sea before the wind?”  And the faith of them was strong and they were driven forward by the Lord before the wind and they sung His praises and thanked the Lord.   They were at sea for 344 days.  When they landed they stopped themselves and were humbled before the Lord in prayer shedding tears of joy “because of the multitude of his tender mercies over them (Verse 12.)”

The people began to plow and til the earth, and were taught to walk humbly before the Lord “and they were also taught from on high (verse 17.)”  Visualize how humble and faithful these people were.  We read back in 3 Nephi 26 that the Lord visited the disciples and broke bread with them and taught them often.  The Jaredites are a community, they are not specifically designated as His disciples or apostles, yet the Lord came and taught them.

As the brother of Jared grew old and saw that the Jaredites were prospering in the land, he called that they be gathered in order to number them before he left his mortal life.  As they were gathered, the people voiced that they wanted a king to reign over them, and the brother of Jared said no…. but the people said please.  So they chose the brother of Jared’s eldest son named Pagag to be their king.  Pagag turned down this offer and in turn so did the other brothers, until it came to Orihah who was then pronounced king of the Jaredites.

Jared did die as did the brother of Jared and Orihah walked the ways of the Lord and taught the people to be a righteous people and spoke of the greatness of the teachings of Christ to the Jaredites.

And thus Ether 6 closes, as do I; leaving this with you in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.


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