Ether 7

Please remember as you embark on this chapter that we are trying to use the study skill of visualization…. I don’t know what it will bring, but I bet there is something in here we can use our imaginations with.

Orihah led his people in righteousness and he lived long and had 23 sons and 7 daughters.  Can you imagine 31 children?  What a domain he must have held! When Orihah passed away, his son Kib took over the helm and he had a son named Corihor.  Corihor rebelled against Kib and moved away to Nehor and had many children there.

Corihor raised an army and came over to the land of Moron and took the king captive and there lived his father in captivity.  While being held captive by his son, Kib had another son named Shule.  Shule grew to be strong and mighty in strength and judgment.  He then went up and build swords for those that he could take with him and he went to the land of Nehor and challenged his brother Corihor to try and restore the kingdom to Kib.  Shule did beat Corihor and came home, at this time because of his great deed to his father, Kib turned the kingdom over to Shule.  Corihor then repented of his sins and Shule granted Corihor reign over the land of Nehor.

Corihor had many children, and one of his sons was named Noah.  Noah rebelled against Shule and also Corihor and took his brother Cohor with him.   Noah took Shule captive and was preparing to kill him.  The sons of Shule came to the rescue and broke into the prison and saved their father, the king and placed him back on his throne.   Noah was slain.

One of Noah’s sons, Cohor, continued to raise up their kingdom, but did not try to gain power over the people that Shule reigned over.  Cohor came upto battle against Shule and Shule beat him and killed Cohor.  Cohor’s son Nimrod was then king in their part of the land and Nimrod turned the kingdom back over to Shule.

During the reign of Shule, prophets were raised in the land “who were sent from the Lord, prophesying that wickedness and idolatry of the people was bringing a curse upon the land, and they should be destroyed if they did not repent (verse 23).” King Shule knew what the prophets spoke was true as his people did revile against them and he passed a law throughout the land that gave power to the prophets and allowed to preach.  Through this action, many were brought unto repentance and the Lord did spare them.

Shule lived a long life and he remembered his fathers and the Lord, along with the promises of the Lord if the people lived in righteousness.

And this ends the great reign of Shule, with one kingdom being in tact.

In the name of Jesus Christ, I share this chapter with you, Amen.


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