Ether 10

Do you ever work on something and just be thankful that you are a little ahead of schedule?  I will tell you, that with 15 chapters of reading and blogs to get through this week, I am thrilled that I am a bit ahead of schedule and that wordpress allows me to write and schedule a post in the future.  With that being said, I visualize myself at the supermarket when this post goes live.  Eh, not a big deal for most, but huge for me.  I have the privilege to sit here and write while my toddler is amused with Peppa Pig and an apple.

We are trekking right through Ether and now in the 10th chapter.  There have been wars among the Jaredites, a lot of rebellion and I imagine there will be more.  As we know, the Plates of Ether were found by the people of Limhi and they were among piles of bones and destruction.  With that, we can assume they don’t have a great outcome.  And why is that?  Well, rebellion and choosing the wrong.  Enough said.

So…. Heth died in the famine and Shez took over and began to build the people back up and he reigned in righteousness.  His son rebelled against him but he prevailed and his son Riplakish took over after he died.  Riplakish did not live righteously and was a demanding king.  He enslaved and taxed the people, if they didn’t pay their taxes, they went to jail, if they were in jail and didn’t work for him they were put to death.  After 42 years of this horrible way of life, the people rebelled and Riplakish was killed.  Many years later Morianton, a descendant of Riplakish, took an army and gained power over many cities.  Once Morianton established himself as the king, he reigned properly, but didn’t conduct his personal life according to the Word of God.  Morianton had a son named Kim who took over the kingdom and he did not reign righteously at all, so his brother fought him and took him into captivity.  Kim had a son named Levi who made war with the king and he then reigned righteously and appointed his son Corom king.  Corom was a good and righteous king and he had a son Kish, Kish had Lib and both of these men were good and righteous kings of the Jaredite people. The people prospered in wealth as they were lead by good men and they grew in numbers and in skill.

We read in verse 28 “And never could a people more blessed than were they, and more prospered by the hand of the Lord.  And they were in a land that was choice above all lands, for the Lord had spoken it.” Could you visualize yourself living among a people that was never more blessed by the Lord?  What joy these people must have had.

Lib had a son Hearthom and he had the kingdom taken away from him in battle.  Hearthom had a son Heth who had a son Aaron who had a son Amnigaddah who had a son Coriantum and each of these men lived in captivity for their entire lives.  Coriantum had a son Com who was able to regain half of the kingdom and then went to battle against the other king and they were at war for many years.  Com won the war and he lived righteously, but the land was full of evil doers who were doing the works of Satan.  Com tried to fight them, but he was unsuccessful.

This chapter of war and battle comes to a close ever so quickly…. with many many years and generations passing.
Moral of the story: live righteously to prosper in the Lord.

In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.



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