Ether 11

Ether 11…. that means we’re more than 2/3 finished with the Book of Ether, and yet we haven’t learned of Ether at all.  There are many generations covered here, it would be interesting to sit down and list them all and see how many (approximately) passed away for the people of the Jaredites.  How long were they gone before the people of Limhi found the Plates of Ether?  I’m sure someone has already done the math, it’s just a matter of finding the info.  Who wants to do it?

So, Com was trying desperately to cleanse the land of the robbers.  As he was king, many prophets came into the land.  We’ve seen this before.  The prophets were then rejected by the people and came to Com for protection.  Verse 3 tells us that Com was “blessed in all the remainder of his days.”  Com had a son Shiblom who took over the kingdom and he rebelled and there was a great war.  Shiblom’s brother put all of the prophets to death because they prophesied of the the destruction of the people.  There was a great war and the land was cursed.  Verse 6 reads “their bones should become as heaps of earth upon the face of the land except they should repent of their wickedness.”  This was the prophecy of those prophets that were martyred.  And some of the people began to repent, but as Siblom was king there was war and he was killed and Ahah was made king who lived as his father did.  Ahah was not king for long and then one of his descendants Ethem was the king and he was wicked too.

Again the prophets come in the days of Ethem and they prophesy of the destruction as before.  The people would not listen to the words and the prophets left the people in their wicked ways.  Ethem had a son Moron and there was a rebellion and Moron lost half of the kingdom and Moron retalliated and regained total control.  There was then a man that was mighty and he overthrew Moron again who was then held in captivity for the remainder of his days.  Moron had a son Coriantor.  In the days of Coriantor the prophets came again preaching repentance and telling of the desctruction.  Again, the people rejected the prophets because of their wicked ways.  And Coriantor had a son named Ether.  Here he is…. Ether has arrived.  What shall Ether 12 bring us?

I am excited for the next few chapters, I hope they are great!


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