Ether 12

Ether has arrived and in the days of Ether Coriantumr was the king and Ether was a prophet of the Lord.  The Spirit of the Lord was so strong with Ether that he could not be restrained and in verse three we read “for he did cry from the morning, even unto the going down of the sun, exhorting the people to believe in God unto repentance lest they should be destroyed, saying unto them that by faith all things are fulfilled.”  Have you ever stood out on your porch or walked around your neighborhood or town and cried repentance unto those that are among you for an entire day?   While in the grand scheme of things, we have read of other prophets preaching for longer, but remember Ether has a very strong Spirit with him.  Ether prophesied “great and marvelous things” to the people, but they simply didn’t believe.

Moroni does some interjection here and he tells us of faith.  Perhaps one of his most famous quotes is found right here and he says “faith is things which are hoped for and not seen”.  Isn’t that so very true?  I love this quote and probably always will.  I love to know that when I hope, I am invoking the power of faith.  Moroni continues to show us many examples of faith that we can read elsewhere in the scriptures.  Faith in Jesus Christ, the Atonement, and the Resurrection are everywhere.  By faith, mountains have been moved, literally.

As Moroni writes, he tells of a conversation that he had with the Lord.  We learn that Moroni believed that his own writings were weak and not strong enough for man.  The Lord tells Moroni that only fools will mock and that He gives men weakness so that theyEther 12 27 will humble themselves before the Lord and be made strong.  The Lord tells Moroni “I will show unto them that faith, hope and charity bringeth unto me-the fountain of all righteousness (verse 28).”

From verse 28 through the end of Ether 12, brings me to tears.  And as such, I will not write about them, but ask that you have a prayer, open your heart and read these verses for yourself, as they pierce my soul.

I testify that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and that he shed his blood on Gethsamane and on Calvary so that I may live again.  I testify that He was resurrected on the third day, and that he defeated the grave and that one day, each of us will be resurrected as well and face Him in judgment for our action or inaction.  I love the restored gospel of Jesus Christ and am thankful for His infinite atonement on my behalf, and yours.

I leave this with you in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.


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