Ether 13

I’ll be honest here… I am a slacker.  I took a couple of days off from my scripture studies and now need to get through these last three chapters, blog them, write a blog post for class and then write a book review for my other course.  I am going to be at the computer for a long time today… paying my penance for procrastinating earlier this week.  On top of that, tonight is General Women’s Broadcast and I am expecting company for the broadcast.

So, let’s get Ether 13 done and see where it leads us.

The very first verse is a bot ominous, but we knew that the Jaredites were destroyed as a people.  Moroni tells us that he is going to conclude his record of their destruction.

In verse 2 we read that the people rejected the words of the prophet Ether.  And Ether was a great prophet, he told the people of all things past, of the prophecies that had been fulfilled and he told them of the land in which they live and what it shall become.  Ether was such a great prophet that there are things that he prophesied about that Moroni was forbidden to write.  Ether was then forced to flee and he lived inside of the cavity of a rock.  Ether stayed in the cavity during the day and at night he was viewed the things that were to come upon the people of the land.

The wars continued and in the second, Ether was told to go forth and tell Coriantumr that if he and his household repented that God would spare them and that he would have the kingdom.  Coriantumr refused and so did his people and they tried to kill Ether, but he was able to escape back to his hiding place.  The people continued in their wicked ways and there was great war and much bloodshed.  Not one single person would repent of their ways and turn to the Lord.

This chapter closes with Coriantumr being wounded in battle which forced him to not fight against others for the course of two years.

I leave this chapter with you with my mind turned to thoughts on how very important it is to heed the words of our prophets, both modern day and of old.  What they share, they do so by the Lord, and not in vain. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.


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