Ether 14

Ether 14 begins with a curse upon the land because of the wickedness of the people.  This curse was so great that every person was scared to leave any of their possessions off of their body for as we read in verse 1, if a man left it upon a shelf tomorrow it would be gone.

As I read through this chapter from start to finish, at about verse 21 tears came to my eyes.  Please, please listen to the prophets.  They have much to tell us, and their counsel and advise is for everyone.  Ether told Coriantumr that he would not die by the sword in Ether 13 and that he would be the last man standing.  With this prophecy, there came great war.  Men pursued the army of Coriantumr so fiercely for revenge that “so great and lasting had been the war, and so long had been the scene of bloodshed and carnage, that the whole face of the land was covered with the bodies of the dead.  And so swift and speedy was the war that there was none left to bury the dead, but they did march forth from the shedding of blood to the shedding of blood, leaving the bodies of both men, women, and children strewed upon the face of the land, to become a prey to the worms of the flesh.  And the scent thereof went forth upon the face of the land, even upon all the face of the land; wherefore the people became troubled by day and by night, because of the scent thereof (verses 21-23).”   This makes my heart hurt.  One man needed to repent and turn to God to prevent this.  I can’t even fathom having to live through this time.  I can’t imagine living with the stench of death surrounding me, or even the knowledge that these souls are lost.  So very sad.

This chapter closes with Coriantumr being severely wounded by the sword of Shiz, that he appeared to be dead, but he was not.   Shiz then took his armies back to their camp, with belief that Coriantumr was dead.

In the name of Jesus Christ, I write, Amen.


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