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FDREL 122 L11 Putting It All Together

What have I learned this week?  Two things:

  1. I need to study my scripture EVERY day.
  2. Heed to counsel of the prophets.

As this week began, I was totally on top of reading my scriptures every day.  This was actually my goal for my attributes of Christ project that I am working on.  I failed.  I started Thursday by taking my kids to school and then heading to town to complete my weekly errands.  When I got back home, I got everything put away and then settled down in front of the television, simply not feeling like studying.  Friday came around and I didn’t get to my scriptures either.  As I forced myself into the office this morning to get my school work done for the week, I realized that Satan is working overtime here at my house to keep me from growing and learning in Christ.  I saw last week as I was diligent with my studies that I was doing well and felt focused and accomplished.  This week, I feel defeated even though I am getting my work done on time, it is not my habit to put everything off until Saturday and then have six or seven assignments to complete.  I feel stressed and overwhelmed.  With these feelings, really I am getting a whispering from the Spirit that I am doing well and need to pay a little more attention to when the adversary is working on me.  I am succeeding in growing in Christ, therefore, Satan is working harder at pulling me away.  Therefore, even though I feel defeated, I am winning. I get to call this a win in my book because I can now see what has happened to me and I can watch for more of this in the future as Satan tries to pull me down.

From the Book of Ether this week, I learned that the right way will always be to heed to counsel of our prophets.  According to “True to the Faith” prophets are “men called to speak for the Lord” and that “they make known God’s will.”  In Doctrine and Covenants 21:5 we read regarding prophets “For his word ye shall receive, as if from mine own mouth, in all patience and faith.” This is the Lord telling us to listen to the counsel of the prophets, for what they speak is from Him.  How many times have I heard the living prophet speak and then take notes, but not apply his direction into my life?  I don’t know.  I really have only watched/attended General Conference for a couple of years, but that should be enough.

What jumps to my mind is the recent talk by President Thomas S Monson to rescue our brother and sisters.  How many sheep are there that could be counted in the fold if they but turn their lives over to Christ?  How many of us have family members living in the same house or even across the world that are struggling, yet are stubborn as Coriantumr was?  My answer and learned lesson for the week is this: hope and faith.  Hope leads to faith and by having hope for these sheep, we can show them our faith.  With our faith, we can pray for them and offer to pray with them that they may return to or come into the fold of the Jesus Christ.  I have a new calling that hasn’t been announced yet at church, so I won’t go into too  much detail here, but this is just fitting for me this week.  I will have a hand in the rescuing the lost and helping them with comfort and care.  I needed to know this week how very important the one is to our Heavenly Father, and it doesn’t matter if that one is me, one of my family members, or the person begging on the corner.  The one that is lost may apply to anyone and I need to have my heart in tune with Him in order to help as I have been called.

I am so grateful for the lessons this week and the understanding of how important it is to heed the counsel of our prophets, both of old and modern.  I am grateful for my understanding of The Plan of Salvation and for my part in His work.

I leave this with you in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.


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