Moroni 1

Here I will introduce to you the very last book in the Book of Mormon.  The Book of Moroni has a total of ten chapters and this week we will be going through seven of them.  The first five are super short, so please forgive me for the very short posts… I can only write so much with the material there is.

I was not in attendance of gathering last week, but I was told that the study skill is principle.  So, I will try to focus on that, but if you have been keeping up with this blog, then you know I’m not great at staying on focus for the entire week…. but here’s to trying 🙂

Moroni opens this chapter by telling us that he finished writing about the Jaredites and since the Lamanites haven’t found him to kill him yet, that he will write more.   This first verse really can speak volumes as the the state that Moroni must be in.  He only  is going to continue to write, because he is still alive.  He knows of Jesus Christ, and he is following His commandments, and continues to do so knowing that he will be found and executed for refusing to deny Christ.

Verse two teaches us that the wars among the Lamanites are fierce and they execute all Nephites that refuse to deny Christ.  Continuing in verse three, Moroni tells us “I, Moroni, will not deny the Christ.”   Therefore, he will continue to write more that may be of worth to the descendants of the Lamanites one day.

Even though Moroni knows that he is going to die, even though he is unsure that what he has to say will be of any worth, he continues to follow the Lords commandments and writes to us.  Moroni endured well to the end.  There is principle.

In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.


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