Moroni 8

The study skill for this week is clustering.  You start with a topic that you wish to study and find a verse that has that topic in it.  You then use the footnotes and topical guide to find additional scriptures that reference the same topic and you write all of these verses on the same page.  When you are finished with your thorough exam of the topic, you now have a cluster of scriptures pertaining to the same topic for your reference and knowledge in the future.  This can totally come in handy when preparing talks.

We only have three chapters left to read in the Book of Mormon, so lets get started with Moroni 8 and see what we can learn.

How many of you readers have ever received a letter from your dad?  If you have, be sure to say thanks for it… I am not in this crowd.  My dad loves me, but he’s never written me a letter.  This chapter is a letter from Mormon to Moroni shortly after Moroni had been called a prophet of God.  Has your mortal father ever told you that you are always in his prayers, that God’s infinite grace and goodness will allow you to endure in faith to the end?  What wonderful words Mormon writes to his son.

We learn that Christ has told Mormon that little children are incapable of sin and that they are while in Christ.  The law of circumcision along with the law of Moses went away with the ministry, life, death, and resurrection of Christ.  Little children need not be baptized.  ‘

This chapter clearly tells us that God is an unchanging God from one eternity to the next and that children are unable to repent and therefore need not be baptized and all children are saved in Christ.  The purpose of baptism is for the remission of sins through repentance to fulfill commandments; little children are not in need of this process.

Mormon closes his letter to Moroni by telling him that he will write again if the Lamanites do not kill him in battle and leaves instruction with him to pray on the behalf of the Nephites that they may come unto repentance.
In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.



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