Moroni 9

Another letter from his father!  How wonderful.  How great it must be to have these treasures to carry with you in times of loneliness and sorrow.  Moroni is such a great soul and a man to be in awe of.  He has carried these treasured letters from his father with him these past 30+ years and he now shares them with the world.

In this second letter, Mormon writes that he has been involved in the battle with the Lamanites and many Nephites have fallen to their death.  We learn that the Nephites are in a terrible state and that Mormon believes that they no longer have love for one another and only hunger for the death of those that have caused them emotional pain.  The Nephites have hardened their hearts and Mormon urges Moroni to continue teaching of Jesus Christ and calling men to repentance.  Mormon teaches that if they stop, they should teaching and preaching that they should be condemned for not doing what they could to bring souls unto Christ.

We read that both the Nephite and the Lamanite people are living in horrid conditions and that they are without civilization… and a couple other gross things.  Mormon cries that he is no longer able to have the Nephites carry out his orders as military leader as they are refusing to listen and that the people are depraved and without principle.  The wickedness of the Nephites exceed that of the Lamanites.  Mormon, a prophet of God, declares that he can not recommend the Nephite people to be a people of God.

We know that Mormon’s next prayer is answered… he prays that Moroni will have his life spared either to the point where the people return to God or that they are utterly destroyed.  Utter destruction is what occurs and Mormon says that if this is what happens, it is because they turned like the Jaredites and became hardened in their hearts.

In closing this letter to his son, Mormon urges Moroni to write some of what he witnesses and to be faithful in Christ.  He prays that the Lord will abide in Moroni forever.

I leave this with you in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.


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