The Eternal Family

Temple Attendance

My heart is full as I sit down to write this morning.  It has been a long time since I have attended the temple, far too long.  I keep telling myself that I am going to get there, and then I don’t.  I have read several talks by General Authorities from the church this week while doing my studies and it is clear, Heavenly Father is calling me back to the temple.

As I read through talks by Elders Bruce R. McConkie, Bruce C. Hafen, D. Todd Christofferson, David A. Bednar, and President Boyd K. Packer what stood out the most to me this week is a quote that I just ran into from Elder Quentin L. Cook who said: “Living and maintaining temple-worthy lives will hold together all that really matters.”

And so it is.  I will be returning.  I will strive with everything I have to attend the temple regularly and not only when it’s convenient.  I love Jesus Christ, our Savior and Heavenly Father who has blessed me with everything I have.

Get your temple recommend, get to the temple.  No excuses.  Portland Temple.1


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