The Eternal Family

Peaceful mornings

What comes first, wife or mother?  Well, wife of course.  At least here in my home.  I know that it doesn’t seem like that on many occasions, but wife is truly my primary focus.  You may think… well, you should focus on your children first.  There are hours upon hours in the day that I get to focus on the children, but only so many minutes that I get to focus on being a wife.

The alarm rings… it’s five twenty in the morning.  I struggle out from under the covers to slap that horrid bell and let me sleep for nine more minutes.  It blares again, slap.  The third time I manage to switch it off and I fumble my way to the bathroom.  It’s five thirty-eight.  Who wants to be out of bed at five thirty-eight?  Not a single person.  I don’t care if you are a morning person. . . if you could sleep until six, wouldn’t you?  Of course you would.  (If you wouldn’t, you just shoosh.)

I make my way to the kitchen and flip on the light switch and blind myself for a nanosecond while my eyes adjust, the sun isn’t even up yet.  Open the pantry, grab my husband’s lunch pail and open it up.  What can I toss in there this morning to just be done with this routine?  Ice, water, Gatorade, soda, granola bar, cheese round, chips, dessert… still no sandwich.  Why do I have to make a sandwich?  The sun isn’t even up yet.  Miracle Whip, lunch meat, cheese block, bread. . . gently spread on just the right amount of dressing, three slices of honey ham, cut some cheddar cheese, place it on.  Done.

No, not done.  I pick the cheese knife back up and cut the sandwich lovingly in half and get out the sandwich bag.  I place the sandwich neatly in the bag, zip it closed and place it on top of everything else to prevent it from getting squished.  I love my husband.  This is one of those moments where I get to be a wife first.

The children are still snoozing, and I know my husband loves when I make time for him.  IMG_1500bwEven when that time is just the three seconds it takes to cut a sandwich in half.

You see, I will always have children, but they will only live here with me for a short time in this life.  They each get their time with me, but when they are all grown and begin their own families, I will be here in our home with my husband.

We will sit side by side and share a sandwich.  A sandwich cut in two.



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