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Turn the page

Dear Moms,

Are you scrolling on your screen looking for a moment to escape from mundane routine chores?  I know that I’m certainly guilty of that. . . almost every day.  I am not perfect, and neither are you, and we all need a break from being a glorious mom now and then.

I love each of my five children and I have been a mom for 21 years, 3 months, and 20 days this morning.  That’s more than half of my life, so I’m confident saying that if you are feeling overwhelmed with laundry, pets, floors, toilets, tubs, and toys then you should take that break.  Just don’t scoop up your tablet each time and turn to social media for your “away” time.

I have found that as I turn to my scriptures, instead of social media, that I am a better more glorious mom.  The deep love that I hold for the scriptures is more fully learned as I take my time out in them and seek Christ instead of crafts or gossip.

Three weeks ago my family set out on a Book of Mormon reading challenge and along the way we get treats or “prizes” for reaching certain points throughout the book.  We, as a family of individuals have 60 days to get through the entirety of the book, and we are having a great time of it.  The kids are racing to get done… we aren’t wealthy and the kids want to go eat at the Olive Garden.  The whole family out for a dinner, we haven’t been able to that in a while.  Along the way they get icee’s, candy bars, chips, and an assortment of other treats that I can pick up at the supermarket without breaking the budget if milestones are reached within the week.  Both of my older girls are racing to catch up to me (I do love winning.)  I pray that they are successful and that as they spend time in the scriptures each day that they will not only feel accomplished for doing so, but that they will grow in strength and spirit.

Be a glorious mom, open your scripture app on your phone, spend a few moments Moroni 3remembering Amulek, Alma, Captain Moroni, and others that testify of Jesus Christ.  We can all be on the pathway to His kingdom if we but spend a few focused minutes each day, dedicated to Him.  Diapers, dogs, and dishes will be so much easier to handle, if we but first turn the pages.


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