The Eternal Family

As I Said

Wife first.  As I said.

It was a quiet morning around here.  The alarm rang at 5:20 and I scooted out bed and made my husband’s lunch. No sandwich today.  It’s a treat to get a sandwich from the deli at the supermarket.  I prepared the rest of his lunch and then curled up on a chair and watched the sunrise, a special treat for me.

Shortly after hubby pulled out of the drive heading for work, I pulled out of the drive and headed for the supermarket, with no kids!  Another treat for me.  I try, each week as I arrive at the store or just before heading there to ask hubby if he needs or wants anything.  Most weeks he tells me no, but there are others where he will place a request for bacon.  Today was a no day, but he didn’t know there wasn’t a sandwich in his lunchbox… he never looks before he leaves in the morning.  He simply trusts that I have done what I always do.

I made my way into the store and through all of the aisles, my supermarket is undergoing what I like to call “confuse the shopper.”  In other words, they are rearranging all of the items on the aisles so nothing is where it used to be.  So frustrating, and today I learned that Kraft brand Parmesan cheese is a meat department item.  Can someone explain how cheese is a meat department item? For real, leave me a comment.

Back to the point.  I finished the shopping and my hubby was on a job site 40 minute drive time away and the wrong direction from home, and I have his sandwich.  I even made sure to leave it out of all the bags so I didn’t forget to take it to him.  But that didn’t happen.  I sent him a text to tell him that I have it and to let me know when he’s in a more reasonable spot so I can bring it to him.  I headed home and got all of the groceries put away.  20 minutes later, he was in the perfect spot.  I scooped up the toddler and the sandwich and headed to meet him.  I found his work truck, delivered the sandwich and left a little note and was on my way to other errands.

Did I have to buy him a sandwich?  No.  Would it have been easier to make a sandwich this morning before he left for work? Yes.  Did I have to make a 20 mile round trip to deliver a sandwich to him?  No.  Did I love doing it?  Yes.  Does he appreciate it? Yes.

Little things in life, make the biggest differences.   I love loving my husband, and taking the time away from home to deliver a sandwich is just one of those little things.  Wife first, self second, children third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh…. it’s like a mix and match game.  The places are interchangeable, but wife is almost always first.


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