Uncategorized, Winter 2017

New Year, new goals, new me…

Oh my, once again I have gone without writing in my blog.  But here I am, that counts, right?   I am going to say that it counts.

I worked hard on my blog last school year and then let it go over the summer break.  When I left the Pathway program and matriculated over to BYU-Idaho to take 15 credits in Fall semester, I really just simply let this blog fall off of my plate and onto the floor.  Winter term starts tomorrow, and my online courses opened on 12/31 for access, and I am here to say that I am taking 14 credits this semester and one of them needs me to blog…. say what? Blog?  I can blog, if I remember to blog.  I actually love blogging!  So we’re going to take a little turn, but it isn’t a big one.

I think I posted before, somewhere, that I am majoring in Marriage and Family Studies.  I am currently a junior and am beginning to take my advanced courses for my major.  This semester promises to be full and challenging, with this little quiet blog of mine to be one of those challenges.  With the turn, I will move from being focused on different aspects of scripture study to marriage.  Why do I say that this isn’t a big turn?  Well, because family is central to God’s plan, and without marriage – between a man and a woman – the family will cease to exist.  So this semester, beginning right now, we shall focus on posts that relate to marriage.

I pray that each of you are well, and that this post reaches all 8 of you. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.



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