W08 FAML300 Beware of Pride

Beware of Pride… I don’t like the saying, but it is true.  I have never before thought of myself as being prideful.  I have (and still do) see myself as a wife that is proud of her husband and a mother who is very proud of her children.  But is that what it speaks of in the scriptures as being prideful?  The truth to the answer is no.

imagesAs I read this week, I learned.  I cried.  And I prayed.  In Drawing Heaven Into your Marriage by Dr. H. Wallace Goddard, he writes “In fact, any time we feel irritated with our spouses, that irritation is not an invitation to call our spouses to repentance but an invitation to call ourselves to repent.  We are irritated because of our own lack of faith and humility.”  This statement had profound effect on me.

I was sitting here, at my desk, reading the material to ponder over what to write for my blog this week when I read the above words.  The instant I read them, I remembered sitting on the couch yesterday afternoon irritated with my husband.  I was irritated that he wasn’t answering me.  I feel that he does this frequently, and that he does this knowing that it irritates me.  Clearly, it is me with the issue.  I am the one irritated by my husband’s natural tendencies.  Maybe he really does not answer me quickly because he wants to irritate me, but who am I to read his mind?

So how do I fix the problem?  As Alma fixed his, as the Publican did, as the people of Mosiah did.  I must repent and turn to Christ and ask for mercy and forgiveness.  I am but Children.1a human and I need Him, Jesus Christ to help me lose my pride.  Pride in thinking that I need an answer now.  Pride believing that I can make my husband answer me.  Perhaps my husband not answering me is my lesson from Heavenly Father in patience which I have yet to learn.  Perhaps this is my big picture lesson so that I can see that I am indeed prideful and I simply need to repent and get over myself.

So, instead of spending hours at the computer today, I intend to finish writing up this blog …get a couple more homework assignments off my plate and go lose myself in service.  I need it.  I need time to quietly reflect and to ask of God to teach me the ways of humility.

Have you had eye opening moments when Heavenly Father has taught you about your own pride?  What did you do to overcome these trials?  Let me know in a comment!

In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.


Jacob 2

Jacob 2 continues where Jacob 1 left off; Jacob is denouncing the love of riches, pride and immoral sexual practices.  In verse three, Jacob says that he is “weighed down with much more desire and anxiety of the welfare of your souls.”  Can you imagine having to fill or feel as if you need to fill the shoes of the previous prophet who was beloved?  I can imagine that Jacob was overwhelmed and with the blessings from Heavenly Father that he felt a great burden to ensure that his brothers people, his people, are cared for and have all of the knowledge that they need in order to return to the Celestial Kingdom.

Verse four pretty much lays out a blatant truth and Jacob is straight forward with the people.  He tells them that they are failing to keep the commandments of God which he has shared with them.  He explains to the people that he wants to share glad tidings with them, but because of their behaviors, he has been instructed to share other information instead, which is much less pleasing.  Jacob tells everyone that if they obtain riches that they must part with what they have in excess and share with others, in other words – don’t be greedy and prideful, make sure that everyone has what they need especially if you have more than what you need.  And do not think yourself better than any other person because you have and they have not, humble yourself, as you are a child of God, just as the next person is.  Each person is the same in the eyes of God, so don’t go thinking that you’re better than anyone else.  Lastly, Jacob shares this principle: one man and one woman.  Jacob goes into a bit more detail, specifically telling men to not have more than one wife and to have no concubines.  He even goes so far as to tell the men that they are breaking the hearts of their wives and setting a horrific example to their children by not obeying this law.

I like this chapter, a great “back to the basics” that can be put in to each of our daily lives as reminders to be charitable to those that we can reach and to keep our covenants with Heavenly Father.

I write this in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.