Jarom is the son of Enos, the grandson of Jacob, the great-grandson of Lehi. He states in verse 1 that he is writing according to the commandment given to him from his dad.  (Reminder note that we are searching this week for cause and effect within the scriptures)

Jarom continues to share with us that he can write no more of prophesying because he can’t say more than what his fathers have already said, but he does state that he did prophesy among the people. We learn that the Lamanites are still doing horrible things and that some, but not all of the Nephites are stiff-necked and hard-hearted. Those Nephites that are prospering have faith in the Messiah to come and have the Holy Spirit with them.

Wars and more wars, the Lamanites are said to have tried to fight the Nephites several times and because of the faith of the Nephite leaders and the power of God to be with them during these times, the Nephites were able to prevail against the Lamanites.
Verse 9 shares a cause and effect with us:

Cause: Nephites kept commandments Effect: the Lamanites did not prosper against the Nephites in war

Jarom tells us that there were many wars and that he kept record of them on the other plates and only wrote very little on the plates which are to share prophesy, and here he tells us that there were many prophets, teachers and priests that continually stirred the Nephites up to repentance reminding them of the promises of the Messiah if they only followed the commandments.

Jarom then turns over the small plates to his son Omni, of whom we will read about next.

I write this in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.