Mosiah 26

Last chapter for this week.  I am so excited to be done with blogging for the week, but I’ve still got five other assignments to get done before tomorrow night, so say a little prayer for me.

Okay, I have just read through Mosiah 26, and my words here will be very brief.  As I read this chapter, my heart was full.  I testify to you that Alma was a prophet of God and that today, Thomas S. Monson is a living prophet over the church of God.  I exhort you to take the time to pray, and then read and study this chapter.  I testify that each person that repents of his or her sins and comes unto Christ, will be numbered among the people of Jesus Christ, who takes upon himself the sins of the world.  I know that today, on earth, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is where I belong and I am so very thankful for the restored gospel in my life.  Please, pray and read.

I leave this with you in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.


Mosiah 25

Mosiah 25 condenses what I’m sure was quite a few days, if not weeks or months into a neat little bundle.

In the land of Zarahemla are gathered a bunch of new folks.  People from the land of Helam, people from the land of Nephi, and mixed in with them are some of the people of Amulon and some of the daughters of the Lamanites that had been kidnapped.  A good mix of people from different backgrounds, races and languages.

Mosiah reads all of the plates to the people, they are in awe and wonder.  The people are grateful to God for their deliverance.  The people who came from shady backgrounds understood where they came from and chose to walk in the light.  All of these people were then known as Nephites.  When Mosiah finishes his reading, he has Alma speak to the people.  Alma preaches repentance and faith unto the people and ensures that they know that they have been delivered out of the hands of the Lamanites by the Lord.  King Limhi, who is among this group, wants to be baptized and so do all of his people.

Alma begins to perform baptisms.  Each person that was baptized now belonged to the church of God.  King Mosiah asked for Alma to establish the church all throughout the land of Zarahemla and then so it was.  Alma ordained priest and teachers to maintain the church.   Because of the faith of the people, the Spirit was poured over them abundantly and they prospered in Zarahemla.

I write this in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.


Mosiah 24

Mosiah 24 is of redemption and answered prayers.

So…. the Lamanites had Amulon and the others with them go all over the Lamanite territories and teach the language of Nephi.  They also taught them in the ways of commerce and to keep written records.  The Lamanites then began to prosper, but they were only kind to other Lamanites, and were still horrible towards all others.

Back in the land of Helam, Amulon was “king” and he remembered Alma from being a priest on the court of king Noah.  Amulon then made life really hard for those that belonged to the Lord.  He wouldn’t allow them to pray aloud and he placed heavy burdens upon them.  Alma and his people did not stop praying though, as they knew the ways of God and knew that they could have a prayer in their heart and that Heavenly Father would hear them.  And so it was.  Heavenly Father let them know that he would ease their burdens, and He did.  The Lord then came to Alma and let him know that the people would be delivered from bondage.  And so it was…. go and read the end of the chapter, I’m not spoiling this great story for you.

This chapter concludes with the people of Alma reaching the land of Zarahemla and king Mosiah rejoicing with their arrival.

I leave this with you in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.


Mosiah 23

Our story line now takes a step sideways, instead of a step forward.  The next two chapters are of Alma and the people that have established the church in the land.

This righteous group fled from king Noah’s guards for eight days in the wilderness and they found a land suitable for their needs.  Here they started to farm and construct a city.  They named their new city Helam, which was a beautiful land.  The people then began to call for Alma to be their king.  Alma declined to be their king and reminded them that if everyone polices themselves and behaves, there is no need for a king.  Look at history and see how kings have been unworthy men.

Alma was the high priest of the church and only through him after prayer and knowing of the righteousness of another, did Alma consecrated priests and teachers.  As we all know, Heavenly Father ensures that each of us have trials to face in this mortal existence, and so it was for the people of Helam too.

Once the city was up and running, an army of Lamanites came into the land.  Alma had all of the farmers and shepherds come inside of the city walls.  The people were very scared of the Lamanites, but Alma tried to calm them and reminded them to remember God so that he would deliver them.  The people began to pray so that their lives and the lives of their families would be spared.  Alma then went forth to the Lamanites and delivered himself and the people to the Lamanites.

As this chapter wraps up, my heart hurts.  It makes me sad to read these final verses.  A righteous people are left to be burdened again, however, we know that this is prophesy being fulfilled.  Noah, that rascal.

So the Lamanites have with them the horrible priests of king Noah, they found them in a new city called Amulon (named after the priest that was leading the way for this group now.)  Now, these priests were married to Lamanite women, the ones they kidnapped.  When the Lamanite army found them, the women plead with them to spare the lives of their husbands and families, and the Lamanites agreed.  All of the people then tarried with the Lamanites when they were looking for the land of Nephi, they found the land of Helam.  The Lamanites then lied to the people of Helam and told them they could live in peace if they would show them the way to Nephi.  Alma showed them the way to the land of Nephi, but then the Lamanites kept guard of the people of Helam and set the horrible priest of Noah named Amulon to be a king and a ruler over the people of Helam. Boo!

I live this with you in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.


Mosiah 22

Drunk with wine… might sound like a good idea at the time, but it never is.

Mosiah 22 is the escape of the people of Nephi.  Ammon and king Limhi put their heads together to try and figure out how they were going to get out of Nephi and take the people back to Zarahemla where there would be safety.  Gideon (remember him?) asked to speak to king Limhi, as he has always provided good service and wisdom to this point.  Gideon told Limhi of the Lamanite guards at the back city gate.  These guards are continually drunk at night.  So, a plan was made.

Limhi told all of his people to gather all of their things together, and told them of the plan.  Limhi then sent a tribute to the Lamanites of wine and extra wine.  Gideon then watched and made sure that the guards were drunk.  At this time, the people, their flocks, provisions and all that they could carry with them, walked out the back gate to the city by night and headed towards the land of Zarahemla with Ammon leading the way.

Obviously, in the morning, the Lamanites discovered that everyone was gone and they attempted to pursue them but did not succeed.  When Ammon and the people of Limhi arrived in Zarahemla, they were welcomed with open arms and great joy.  They were well received and folded into the flock of king Mosiah.

I write this to you in the name of Jesus Christ, the Savior and Redeemer of the world, Amen.


Mosiah 21

We are getting close to finishing for this week, this chapter and five more to go.  I’d like to get them all completed today and be able to take tomorrow off, but I took yesterday off and worked on family history because I am thankful for family and it was, after all Thanksgiving.  I pray that each and every one of you had a fantastic holiday filled with love, laughter, friendship, food and the Spirit of the Lord with you.

Mosiah 21 is a full chapter, I’m going to try and break it down in as few of words as possible.

This chapter commences with Limhi and his people having peace in the land of Nephi after coming to an agreement with the king of the Lamanites.  But just a few days later, Lamanites came into the land and because of the agreement between the two kings, they didn’t kill the people of Nephi, but they did abuse them horribly.  This, rightly so, got the people of Nephi worked up and they talked king Limhi into going up against the Lamanites in battle.  They did this three times, and three times they suffered terrible loss.  They eventually remembered to humble themselves before the Lord, pray and repent.  Heavenly Father did not release them from the bondage they had been placed in, but he did see that they were more safe and afforded them some peace.  They people began to prosper in the land so that they, as a whole, were self reliant and producing enough of what they needed to care for themselves.  King Limhi made sure that those that had plenty were taking care of the widows and orphans in the land that the battles against the Lamanites caused.  And, of course, because of the conflict with the Lamanites, king Limhi didn’t leave the walls of the city without his guards.

One day (probably several days) king Limhi was outside of the city walls with his guards and there was a group of four men that arrived within the city.  Just days prior to this, a scouting group sent by king Limhi looking for Zarahelma had returned unsuccessful, but had found a city of bones and brought back some engraved plates that were written in a foreign language.  The group of men, upon arrival, were assumed to be the missing priests of the wicked king Noah and thrown into prison to wait for king Limhi to return.  Upon king Limhi’s return to the city, the imprisoned men were brought forth and discovered to be Ammon and his group of men from Zarahemla.

The chapter finishes up with telling of how joyous the people of Nephi were and glad that Ammon and his group and come to find them.  Furthermore, and most important in the chapter, is the conclusion of sharing how Ammon felt and his testimony of the people of Nephi being desirous to be baptized, as they had entered into a covenant with God committing to serve Him with all their hearts.

And this I write to you in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.


Mosiah 20

There are a few things that I learned to love when I was a little girl.  One of those things are dragons.  My dad collected dragon items, mostly painted ceramics, but he also had some little stuffed animals and such too.  I loved to look at them, and saw them as majestic.  While, there are scriptures that infer that dragons are associated with Satan, I prefer to just keep dreaming in my childhood world and see them as magical creatures, with reassurance from the scriptures that once upon a time, there were dragons on earth.  Okay, now moving on a little from there, dragons are mentioned here in Mosiah 20, hence the  quote and the picture here.  But, why there be dragons, or mention of dragons at least?

So there was a nice little clearing in the woods where the daughters of the Lamanites got together and sang and danced and had a good time.  One day, there were a few ladies there and those nasty priests of Noah saw them and kidnapped 24 of these young women.  Guess who’s going to be mad… the Lamanites. So the king of the Lamanites jumped to conclusions and thought that the people that were in bondage stole their children and so they came at them for battle.  It so happens, that Limhi had seen from the tower that they were coming and he and his people prepared to meet them for battle.  Verses 10-11 read thus: “And it came to pass that the battle became exceedingly sore, for they fought like lions for their prey. And it came to pass that the people of Limhi began to drive the Lamanites before them; yet they were not half so numerous as the Lamanites.  But they fought for their lives, and for their wives, and for their children; therefore they exerted themselves and like dragons did they fight.”

As they are driven back, the king of the Lamanites is found to be wounded laying among the dead.  The people of Limhi snatch him up and take him to Limhi.  The people want the Lamanite king dead, but Limhi is wise.  The two of them have a chat and Limhi learns that the Lamanites are mad because of their missing daughters.   Limhi understands and says that he will search his people for their missing daughters, and then Gideon steps in.  Gideon reminds Limhi of the priests in the wilderness and suggests that they are most likely to blame and then this information is shared with the Lamanite king.

Meanwhile, the Lamanites are gathering reinforcements and preparing to come against the people of Limhi again.  The king of the Lamanites and Limhi agree to go forth, unarmed to meet the Lamanites.  They do so and explain the situation.  The bondage still stands, but there is not another battle.

More to come…. stay tuned.

I leave this great story of battle with you, with memories of my childhood and happy times.  In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.