The Eternal Family

Yesterday, my almost 8th grader got a text message from her National Junior Honor Society sponsor looking for volunteers to come and help the 8th grade assistant principal at the school today.  I, of course, immediately responded and said that my child would be there.  Why?  First, because I am a horrible mom.  Second, because as a NJHS member, she is expected to do service hours.  Third, kids have got to stay busy or they just watch too many Netflix shows over the summer.  And finally, and most importantly, because when you are in the service of others, you are only in the service of God.  I firmly believe this.

Now, how does this fit into the ideal of an eternal family?  Service is the glue that binds a family together.  Each night at the dinner table (okay, 6/7 nights a week), we ask each other what act of service we provided for someone else during the day.  Sometimes the answer is that a child loaned a pencil to someone or gave someone a sheet of paper.  But, there are moments that shine.  Moments, sitting there at the dinner table where my husband will share of pulling over his work truck and giving his water to a homeless man under an overpass or moments when I have taken someone a meal or someone to a medical appointment.  There are even bigger and brighter moments, when one of the kids actually went out of their way to do something kind for a sibling…. make a bed, read a story, do their chore.  Something.  And it is these moments, that I get to realize, as the mom, that these little acts of service are the glue that holds us together.

Now, as the mom, I get to do little things each day for everyone.  It’s pretty much the normal mom stuff, but it’s still service.  So for all you moms out there that work your tails off at home, pack lunches, wash dishes, and load after load of laundry remember that you are not only doing your “job” as wife and mother, but you are providing a service for your family.  Giving service is sometimes thankless, and I know for me, when someone actually thanks me for providing service, I will always say “no problem.”   It usually isn’t a problem, but even when it was hectic to figure out, I still say “no problem.”  What I need to do is remember to say “you’re welcome.”  I mean “you’re welcome,” it just never comes out of my mouth that way.  Anyway…. the point here to this blog post is service.

My NJHS member is excited to go and work today, but that excitement stems from hanging out with her “Bae” all day and knowing that the boy she has a crush on is going to be at the school volunteering his time too.  However, service is service, and she’ll be working all the same, and getting to enjoy herself.  I am proud to have kids that are happy to go work in the community and serve others, even if it’s just moving text books and stacking them up in a closet.  It’s great to be a mom in these latter-days and it’s great to serve ones family and those in the community.  Go and do.  Be a Nephi, be an Amulek, be yourself and serve God.


The Eternal Family

Turn the page

Dear Moms,

Are you scrolling on your screen looking for a moment to escape from mundane routine chores?  I know that I’m certainly guilty of that. . . almost every day.  I am not perfect, and neither are you, and we all need a break from being a glorious mom now and then.

I love each of my five children and I have been a mom for 21 years, 3 months, and 20 days this morning.  That’s more than half of my life, so I’m confident saying that if you are feeling overwhelmed with laundry, pets, floors, toilets, tubs, and toys then you should take that break.  Just don’t scoop up your tablet each time and turn to social media for your “away” time.

I have found that as I turn to my scriptures, instead of social media, that I am a better more glorious mom.  The deep love that I hold for the scriptures is more fully learned as I take my time out in them and seek Christ instead of crafts or gossip.

Three weeks ago my family set out on a Book of Mormon reading challenge and along the way we get treats or “prizes” for reaching certain points throughout the book.  We, as a family of individuals have 60 days to get through the entirety of the book, and we are having a great time of it.  The kids are racing to get done… we aren’t wealthy and the kids want to go eat at the Olive Garden.  The whole family out for a dinner, we haven’t been able to that in a while.  Along the way they get icee’s, candy bars, chips, and an assortment of other treats that I can pick up at the supermarket without breaking the budget if milestones are reached within the week.  Both of my older girls are racing to catch up to me (I do love winning.)  I pray that they are successful and that as they spend time in the scriptures each day that they will not only feel accomplished for doing so, but that they will grow in strength and spirit.

Be a glorious mom, open your scripture app on your phone, spend a few moments Moroni 3remembering Amulek, Alma, Captain Moroni, and others that testify of Jesus Christ.  We can all be on the pathway to His kingdom if we but spend a few focused minutes each day, dedicated to Him.  Diapers, dogs, and dishes will be so much easier to handle, if we but first turn the pages.

The Eternal Family


With all that moms do each and every day, a lot of which goes unrecognized, unrewarded, and is thankless, I would like to take a moment to share with you how important moms really are.  Now, I know that this is my opinion, but I just want you to remember that each of these tiny actions of good amount to a while lot in the eyes of our Heavenly Father.  Nurturing and teaching our beloved children and caring for our spouses is part of our Heavenly Father’s plan.  Being mothers, is who you as a woman, are meant to be.  While being a mother may not be part of your earthly plan, or even be possible for you in this mortal realm, each woman has the potential to be a mom in His kingdom one day.  Take a moment and watch this video from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and realize what it really means.

With love,